Why should you pick PALM LIFE products?

Palm Life appreciates beloved nature just like everyone else does. Hence, we use naturally fallen leaves to make our outdoor tableware.

We are simply borrowing the leaves from the nature for a short period of time. Therefore, it doesn't affect the ecosystem at all.

We all are responsible for contributing in destroying our planet. Let's stop and try our best to not further contribute to destroying it.

So PALM LIFE presents to you plastic free outdoor tableware.

Few facts that you need to know about our product:

  • There are no chemicals added therefore, making the product eco-friendly unlike sugarcane plates.

  • The plates are 100% safe as they go through steam sterilisation at a temperature of 220⁰ Celsius

  • Light weight and sturdy.

  • Microwave friendly unlike sugarcane plates.

  • It can be used to serve both hot or cold food.

  • Each plate is unique in design. ​

  • Less flammable compared to paper plates.​

  • Food products stored in Areca Leaf containers are more likely to stay fresh for a longer time.

  • The waste during production can be used as fertilisers or food for cattle.

  • Can be decomposed in the backyard unlike sugarcane plate which require special decompose pit also, decomposes quicker when compared to sugarcane plates.

  • It takes only a week or two for palm leaf products to decompose.

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