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Food for thought: who are we really saving by choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle?

We're just going to say it out loud now: the very idea of saving the planet is a lie!

Allow us to explain. When we think of sustainability we're thinking of the future generations to come; to ensure that they too can have the same quality of life that we're living right now. This of course ties in with preserving our environment, our ecosystems, and not depleting the Earth's natural resources. We all know that we should avoid using plastic where we can, reduce water consumption, recycle paper, compost biological waste the list can go on and on but saving the Earth is fiction! Academics call this Gaia theory. Our planet is perfectly capable of restoring itself; the question is how long it will take. Our planet will still revolve around the sun- with or without us is our choice! Human activity leading to high levels of greenhouse gas pollution and climate change is only threatening our own existence.

Mother Nature is much more powerful than us and we need her much more than she needs us. By transitioning to an eco-responsible future one gesture at a time, we'll be saving ourselves and then we can start worrying about the future generations to come!

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