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Teaching kids about sustainability

When it comes to sustainable living, we believe that eco-friendly ethics and values should be taught from a young age. Ask your kids right now- what does it mean to be green? We're not asking that children know the chemical elements of fossil fuels nor learn how to install solar panels on roofs; going green starts with simple, easy acts- right? Read our little checklist below on simple, sustainable steps that everyone can get into the swing of doing!

  • Turning the lights on in a room only when you need them and switching them off whenever you leave the room.

  • Drawing on two sides of a piece of paper instead of just one.

  • Reducing waste by donating old toys/clothes instead of throwing them away (love a bit of goodwill too!)

  • Knowing to separate plastic from cardboard from glass!

  • Burying fruit and waste in the garden and letting them compost- throw a few gardening lessons in there too, why not?

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect so starting early is the best way to live a zero-waste lifestyle!

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