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The benefits of going green!

With our plastic-free outdoor tableware, there are a few advantages that we think you should know!

Our products are completely organic as we don't add chemicals so are safer for you to use. They also go through a process known as steam sterilization at a temperature of 220⁰ Celsius (pretty hot- right?) to kill any bacteria that may be on the leaves before we turn them into tableware.

Since you're LITERALLY holding a leaf, PALM LIFE ® products are very lightweight and sturdy compared to plastic or ceramic plates and bowls and so are more convenient and manageable.

The reason we use Areca palm leaves compared to sugarcane plants is that they're microwave- safe and can be used to serve either hot or cold food- how versatile! We've thought about the benefits for you when developing our products and palm leaves from the Areca species will keep your food fresh for longer when stored in our takeaway boxes (so you should probably check them out!).

Finally, when you're done using PALM LIFE ® products there's no washing up after- yay! Not too sure about you guys but we think that's the best benefit of all! Instead, our products can be left to decompose in the garden and don't require a composter (or any other fancy equipment for that matter!). All you need is soil and a shovel and hey presto, you're on your way to making your life more environmentally-friendly!

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